Ctrl.ly FAQ


Q: How do you pronounce Ctrl.ly?

A: Controlly 🙂

Q: Is Ctrl.ly Free?

A: Yes. Ctrl.ly is 100% free. We believe it is time to stop allowing companies to mishandle information about us. It is time to take control over our own data privacy and consent.

Q: Is Ctrl.ly Anonymous?

A: Yes. Ctrl.ly will never ask for any personal information form you. Even your email will be kept private and never sold or shared. In fact, when an app or advertising platform partners with Ctrl.ly, they will not be given any way to identify you aside from an encrypted ID that is unique to you and unique to their platform, meaning it cannot be shared or decrypted to link you to any other information. There has never before been a completely anonymous identifier like Ctrl.ly.

Q: Will Ctrl.ly use my IP address, Cookies or Mobile ID to decrypt who I am?

A: NEVER! We will also never track this information or allow any of our partners to do so.

Q: Why do I need Ctrl.ly?

A: Ctrl.ly will enable you to manage consent to your information across an infinite number of apps and web sites through a single dashboard. You will be able to see what apps you have allowed/denied access to tracking for advertising purposes and which advertisers are allowed/denied access to advertise to you. You will be in complete control over who can track you and why.

Q: Why is data tracking online important?

A: Most of the apps and websites you use today rely on advertising to support their business. Alternatively, some may charge a subscription fee, like Netflix for example. But not every business can charge subscription fees, so they rely on advertising to make money. The more information they know about you, the more relevant advertising they can display, making the experience better for you, their customer. If you say no to tracking, it means they are able to know very little about you and must serve basic ads to you that make it hard for them to recoup their costs. But with Ctrl.ly, instead of just saying yes to tracking, you can take control of what is tracked and what advertisers can use this information to track you, making for an even more engaging experience. You can designate the brands you like and dislike by denying ads you do not like and accepting ads from brands you do like. The end result is a better experience for you and a profitable one for the app or web site so they can serve you better.

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