Ctrl.ly’s Preamble

We do not condone social media or big tech

Ctrl.ly will always do our best, but we are not afraid to admit we are imperfect humans and we always welcome feedback on how to improve.

We do not condone the actions of the social media platforms that we use to spread community awareness about data privacy. Our presence on social media is not an endorsement for those platforms. It is only to create awareness of our mission.

We are pro-technology, but we do not accept the monetization methods used by Facebook, Instagram, Google and other tech giants who allow the abuse of information without transparency on how it is used.

Social media has helped keep us connected during this pandemic, so it’s not all bad, but the tech giants can not be allowed to regulate themselves. We want to help consumers hold them accountable when it comes to respecting your privacy.

Ctrl.ly aims to test a new ethical monetization model that puts the power of data tracking and privacy in the hands of consumers instead of in the hands of advertisers. We understand that if the product you are using is free, you are the product and therefore those platforms will need to leverage advertising to support their infrastructure costs. However, we believe this can be done ethically with transparency, consent and user privacy controls.

Ctrl.ly will offer a free solution to consumers that will show them who is tracking them with the control to toggle which platforms and advertisers to which they consent. We will monetize Ctrl.ly with advertising partners, but only those to which you consent. This will require the brand and platform to build their trust with consumers so that their audience can choose to consent to ads from them or not. If you do not trust the brand or the platform, you will have control to allow this or not and the advertiser will be bound by our consent rules to comply in order to participate in our mission.

Why wait on Apple, Google or the government to decide how your data can be used? It’s time for consumers to show big tech that we will decide when they can stop tracking us. Ctrl.ly is here to help.

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