Data Tracking and Data Privacy Blog Review

Data Tracking and Privacy Blog Review

Over the years, the issue of data privacy has become a growing concern among the public. This is because organizations now map out ways to access customers’ private information for their benefit without letting them know. 

In fact, research has also shown data breaches have increased radically in the last 10 years. What does this imply? This means that everyone who cares about data privacy and tracking of their personal information must gain valuable, knowledgeable information on what data privacy is all about and how to stay safe while using the internet. 

We, at, have made this our mission. By asking you to join the mission, we are simply asking for you to show interest in our idea of a software application that will test an ethical ad monetization model that will allow users to take back control of their data while also only sharing data with brands they choose. The more people who show interest in our application, by joining the movement, the more likely we’ll be able to prove to investors that this application is needed.

In an attempt to grow our base, we started a blog to help educate people on data privacy and tracking. This blog aims to review a few of those blogs and summarize their main points in this brief lit-review style blog. Keep reading:

How To Turn Off App Tracking

Turning off app tracking on your device is one of the best ways to keep your information secure and avoid compromising your private data. There are different ways of turning off app tracking on android and Apple smartphones. For Apple devices simply, go to privacy on your phone settings and tap to turn off “Allow Apps to Request to Track” Android users can simply turn off ad tracking by clicking on settings – tap on Google to see your account settings, click “Ads” then tap “rest advertising ID.” On the next screen, choose “Disable personalized ads.” To find out other ways of turning off app tracking, read more details on How to Turn Off App Tracking

What Location Tracking Apps Know About You and Why You Should Care

Location tracking apps are now used by organizations to track customers’ information without their knowledge. While these geo-location apps like Google Maps, Yelp, and even Facebook offer lots of benefits, there are also some risks factors have. This is because these devices have the capability of revealing users p[rivate information like your workplace, house address, restaurants visited, and many more. Read this article on What Location Tracking Apps Know About You and Why You Should Care to find out more. 

6 Smart Ways to Protect Your Personal Data Online

Thinking of how to protect your personal data online and do not know how to get started? There is a way out. However, it is easy and more convenient to carry out transactions online and do personal shopping while at the comfort of your home; it is also vital to note that your personal information is at risk, and you need to take precautions. Here are Smart Ways to Protect Your Personal Data Online: First, reduce your digital footprint by deleting unused apps, use a password manager to strengthen your password, put on your multi-factor verification, use the cloud to back up your data, and update your operating systems.

5 Additional Ways to Protect Your Personal Data Privacy

Although there are thousands of ways to protect your information and data privacy online, only a few of them truly work. If you care about your personal data privacy, here are 5 Additional Ways to Protect Your Personal Data Privacy. Avoid entering personal information on the internet, use strong passwords, be wary of uploading images, use credible software and try to understand common attack methods.

Importance of data privacy

The importance of data privacy in our world today cannot be over-emphasized. With the increased use of the internet and social media platforms, it is vital to ensure that your private information is kept away from hackers online. If you do not understand why your data privacy is of great importance, read more details on the importance of data privacy here.

Why Control Your Data Privacy? 

Companies are in business to make more, and this is why they go at any length to gain access to your private information in order to share the right ads that make you buy their products. However, while doing this, they are also invading your privacy, and this is why you need to control your data privacy. Read this article on why control your data privacy to find out how to get started. 

What’s the Deal with Data Privacy Laws?

For every country, there is a law about government data privacy. However, only a few people know about this, and this is why the government isn’t held accountable for upholding data privacy law. When you get informed and understand the laws governing the use of your personal information, you stay a step closer to having your data privacy protected. This article on data privacy laws provides more detailed information on all you need to know.

The Importance of Your Data Privacy: What You Need to Know  

At the moment, threats to data privacy have increased radically. This is because the internet is so accessible, and online companies take advantage of this to collect customers’ private information. It is vital to understand that data privacy is important; it is a human right that must be protected. This article on the importance of your data privacy: what you need to know provides a detailed guide on this topic. 


Data privacy is a subject that must be given the right awareness. A lot of private information is used by hackers and companies who use apps to access your information, and this is why you need to gain valuable knowledge. Apart from reading the article above, one of the most amazing ways to gain control of your data is by joining the movement. This is a free service that helps you control your data and also choose who advertises to you and tracks you. Click here to join the movement.  

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