10 Examples of Online Privacy Abuse

10 Examples of Online Privacy Abuse

The idea of online privacy has been a major topic of public discourse over the last decade and conversations around the use and protection of consumers’ data have increased and intensified among governments and lawmakers.

Data Tracking and Privacy Blog Review

Data Tracking and Data Privacy Blog Review

ver the years, the issue of data privacy has become a growing concern among the public. This is because organizations now map out ways to access customers’ private information for their benefit without letting them know. 

What's the Deal with Data Privacy Laws? 

What’s the Deal with Data Privacy Laws? 

It seems our government is failing us when it comes to data privacy laws. Data is pervasive in modern society, and it is impossible to do anything without data about us being collected, tracked and used in ways we have no control over. The only control you have on how data is created about you, is by limiting what you do online, but this is virtually impossibleContinue reading “What’s the Deal with Data Privacy Laws? “


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