Data Tracking and Data Privacy Blog Review

ver the years, the issue of data privacy has become a growing concern among the public. This is because organizations now map out ways to access customers’ private information for their benefit without letting them know. 

What’s the Deal with Data Privacy Laws? 

It seems our government is failing us when it comes to data privacy laws. Data is pervasive in modern society, and it is impossible to do anything without data about us being collected, tracked and used in ways we have no control over. The only control you have on how data is created about you, is by limiting what you do online, but this is virtually impossibleContinue reading “What’s the Deal with Data Privacy Laws? “

Why Control Your Data Privacy?

You know how your phone responds when you say “Hey Siri” or “Hey Google”? It does that because it’s always hearing for your command. The only way it can possibly do that is by processing every word that you anyone else speaks when they’re in its vicinity. Imagine the amount of data that is beingContinue reading “Why Control Your Data Privacy?”

The Importance of Data Privacy in 2021

Do you prefer data privacy or data exploitation? It’s not a matter of if your data is stolen, it is a matter of when, at our current rate. This is why everyone needs a full understanding of data privacy. It’s one topic that manages to stay relevant— Data Privacy. With the emergence of social media platforms that thread within the confined borders of data integrity, one must understandContinue reading “The Importance of Data Privacy in 2021”

What Location Tracking Apps Know About You and Why You Should Care

Are you okay with apps tracking where you live or work? How about where you eat? If you trust the brand and don’t mind, that’s one thing. Unfortunately, brands you don’t even know are tracking you too. How does that sit with you? From navigating daily life destinations to optimizing asset usage, geolocation is anContinue reading “What Location Tracking Apps Know About You and Why You Should Care”

5 Additional Ways to Protect Your Personal Data Privacy

What would be considered private within modern technology? Whether it’s keeping your personal data private on social media, an individual’s privacy is one of the few uncertainties within the 21st century. Or is it?  Technology is growing at an unprecedented rate every second. With technology being created faster than it can be protected, there’s noContinue reading “5 Additional Ways to Protect Your Personal Data Privacy”